On the afternoon of 29st June 2019 you’ll be able to go right up to the lighthouse at Capo Caccia , one of the iconic symbols in Alghero. The event starts at 6.30 at Casa Gioiosa, the headquarters of the Porto Conte Regional Natural Park. You can participate in the event either running, walking or cycling.

WHEN: On the afternoon of 29st June 2019. The event starts at 6.30 P.M.

WHERE: From Casa Gioiosa, the headquarters of the Porto Conte Regional Natural Park. Map here . For the navigator: Casa Gioiosa, Strada Provinciale 55, 44, 07041, Alghero.

If you want to participate by running, walking or cycling the total distance is 10 kilometres.

Please arrive at Casa Gioiosa at least 40 minutes in advance. To participate you need to register. Ticket: adults € 15, children aged 12 to 18 € 7, children free. You can register on the afternoon of the event but it’s better in advance at one of these registration points here:
  • Fondazione Alghero, Largo S. Francesco, Alghero dalle ore 15,00 alle ore 19,00; 
  • ExplorAlghero, Foresta Demaniale delle Prigionette dalle ore 09,00 alle ore 18,00;
  • ExplorAlghero, Casa Gioiosa, sede del Parco di Porto Conte dalle ore 10,00 alle ore 18,00. Lunedì chiuso; Tel: 3313400862; 079942111;
  • Emporio della Bellezza, via Pietro Micca 62A, Sassari – orario 08.30/13 -16.30/20, sabato solo mattina.